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Here's where all the unfinished generators hide away. Maybe I started it and lost ambition to finish it, or maybe I'm halfway through and just taking a break. The code in these works well enough, but there isn't enough data to make me happy.

Myth and Folktale Gen
An ambitious project that I burned out on partway through. Still comes up with story ideas, but not as detailed as I'd like.

Dungeon Gen
I had an idea for elementally-themed dungeons in a variety of different locations, with themed monsters, traps, etc. Perhaps too gradiose an idea to tackle right now, but I got part of the way through. Perhaps somewhat useful in this state, perhaps not.

Old Plot Gen
This gen dates from the first iteration of the site, years and years ago. I barely knew how to code, and as a result many of the results do not make sense. However, it seemed useful enough to preserve. I may update all or part of it at some point, but probably not. It's still fairly handy if you need a rough outline for a setting and an overarching plot.

On most of these gens, if you view the source, you'll be able to see my notes for things I'd like to add. (And on some of the 'finished' gens, too!)