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Civilization Gen
Time Period:
Shaping Force:
Time Period: Far Future
Shaping Force: Technology
Population: Mainly nonhuman races
Political Structure: tribes - often warring
Strong Influence: popular support
Popular Issue: terrorism
Stability: extremely stable

Personal Freedoms: tolerable
Scandals: common
Foreign Relations: bad
Main Export: food-related
Main Import: textile-related
Technology Focus: scientific discovery
Trade: slight deficeit

Strength: stable and improving
Wealth: government-controlled
Planets Spanned: 1
Preferred Climate: temperate - forested
Ocean: on one side
Mountains: very many, including volcanos

Wilderness: 53%
Wild Animals: common
Natural Resources: abundant
Highly Values: attractiveness
Known For: a specific scientific discipline
Popular Entertainment: gambling
Respected Profession: government employee

Discrimination: class-based
Major Taboo: physical contact
Major Social Ill: identity theft
Strength: average
Focus: air/space
Main Unit: fast spaceships

Soldiers: hired mercenaries
Main Use: exploration
Rank: elected by subordinates
Occurrence: very common
Source: learned skill, but requires aptitude
Major Use: ubiquitous (everything)

Viewed: as normal
Enchanted Items: very common
Type: polytheism
Focus: repentance
Worship: solemn personal meditation

Associated Artform: painting/murals
Prevalence: believed by a few
Holidays: very often
Urban: 67%
Rural: 33%
Literacy Rate: 100%

Gender Ratio: 1.32 male(s)/female
Fertility Rate: 4.1 children/family
Life Expectancy: 61.9 years