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Joe's Random Number Generator and Employment Agency

Welcome to Joe's! What are you looking for this fine day? Need you a completely, utterly, 100% guaranteed random number? Is this totally, unquestionably random number in the form of dice? Mayhaps you seek some other sort of completely random number? Or perhaps what you need is a high-quality hireling? Henchmen, mercenaries, porters, all 100% loyal and guaranteed competent! Joe's can provide all this, and more, at a reasonable rate!

Other online dice rollers provide impersonal random numbers. Here at Joe's Random Number Generator and Employment Agency, we prioritize customer service over abstract principles like averages and fairness. While other dice rollers offer you only one of each die, Joe's offers you several dice to choose from!

Some other employment agencies feature lengthy and expensive hireling screenings. Here at Joe's, we would never waste your valuable time with such utter nonsense! Hirelings at Joe's are completely unscreened, so that you can have the widest possible range of totally dependable hirelings to choose from.

Dice and Other Random Numbers (on sale now!)

Random Number 1: 4
Random Number 2: 62

Red d20: 14
Black d20: 1
Blue-green d20: 1
Sparkly d20: 8
4e Initiative d20: 19
1st ed Initiative d20: 3

Funny-Lookin' d12: 10
Funnier-Lookin' d12: 4
Funniest-Lookin' d12: 13

White Wolf and 7th Sea handful o' d10: 8 9 3 10 3
Especially-for-Bastard-Swords d10: 9
Orange d10: 1
Ugly d10: 9
Tri-stat Pair 'o d10: 2 5

Cure Light d8: 5
Gold d8: 1
Clear d8: 1
Green d8: 7
Silver d8: 1
Paladin and Warlock Handful o' d8: 2 6 6 8 8

WEG Star Wars wild d6: 1
Handful o' Funny-lookin' d6: 4 2 1 5 4
Special Character-generation d6: 3 5 5 4 4
Grrrreeeaatsword pair o' d6: 5 6
Beige d6: 5
Blue d6: 4
Double-Handful o' Wushu d6: 2 2 3 3 3 1 1 3

Red-orange d4: 4
White d4: 2
Handful o' Totally Legit Magic Missile d4: 3 4 3 3 4 4

Guaranteed Competent Hirelings

The highly dependable halfling minstrel, a steal at only 37 gold pieces a week!

The definitely honest halfling cook, willing to work for only 25 gold pieces a week!

The obviously trustworthy tiefling henchman, at a discount price of only 51 gold pieces a week!

The not at all sneaky halfling scout, a bargain at only 44 gold pieces a week!

The great-with-children halfling thief, willing to work for only 21 gold pieces a week!

The clearly honorable halfling henchman, at a special price of only 44 gold pieces a week!

The completely dependable human butler, a bargain at only 30 gold pieces a week!